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2017 International IoT Exhibition

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M2MTech Co., Ltd. successfully completed the '2017 International IoT Exhibition' held at COEX from the 11th to the 13th. The word IoT is deep in our lives. We are already using a lot of IoT products without knowing it, and many are starting to take interest in it. As a result, this exhibition, involving large and small companies in various fields, attracted more attention than last year, and was a showcase of more advanced life-oriented future-oriented technologies.

Among these, M2MTech Co., Ltd. started to target the market mainly with ELSA Solution. ELSA ELSA Solution is a Proactive Maintenance System (PaMS). ELSA enables more efficient maintenance by connecting core facilities with multiple sensors, mobile devices, etc., and collecting/analyzing data to provide differentiated data. For example, using data such as CBM (Condition Based Management), it is possible to devise from the existing periodic management system and to perform more efficient and realistic maintenance. At this exhibition, ELSA Solution of M2MTech Co., Ltd. received attention from various industries such as elevators, security, parking, communication companies, and facility management.

In addition to product introduction, M2MTech Co., Ltd. took off to help students who are hopes of Korean IT as a senior in the industry. Efforts were made to enhance understanding by providing customized explanations according to interests/majors. It looked like M2MTech Co., Ltd., which values ​​corporate social responsibility. Students from related departments, such as computer science, electrical and electronics, and information security, came to the exhibition for learning.

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