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KEIC standard

M2MTech Co., Ltd. was adopted as the standard for smart remote care system in the “Electric Elevator Manufacturing and Assembly Quality Standard” of the Korea Elevator Industry Cooperative established in 2017, and updated to the latest in 2020. Install the latest IoT (Internet of Things)-based smart IoT devices for the safety of elevator users and system maintenance, 24 hours a day 365 days a year through the Internet without restrictions on time and place. It is the strength of the Elsa system that makes it possible.

SPS Electric Elevator Manufacturing and Assembly Quality Standard

  • System configuration (hardware and software) and featuresThe configuration of the smart remote care system consists of an IoT device (elevator control signal transmitter) that connects the elevator and the elevator subject to inspection/diagnosis with the cloud center, and a cloud that comprehensively monitors, diagnoses, and controls the elevator operation status at each site. made up of centers The administrator accesses it through a web browser using various terminal devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • elevator control panelCommunication between the elevator control panel and IoT devices uses the standard protocol (standard protocol for the elevator joint model) that has been eliminated by the Korea Elevator Industry Cooperative Standard (SPS-KEIC-001:2017), and is physically CAN or RS-485 serial communication is supported to connect and communicate with IoT devices.
  • IoT deviceThe IoT device acts as a gateway between the elevator control panel and the cloud center, and is installed and managed one-to-one with the elevator in order to reliably and independently perform the elevator operation record and data storage and diagnosis/control functions.
  • cloud centerThe cloud center utilizes Internet technology to secure work flexibility, scalability, and stability through the advantages of efficiency and cost reduction of the elevator work system. Above all, users (including engineers and management subjects) should be able to easily use the elevator maintenance work anytime, anywhere through various terminals through the cloud center.
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