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ELSAElevator Smart Advisor

Intelligent IoT connecting local sites and management centers

ELSA stands for Evator Smart Advisor and stands also for "Everything's Linked, Smart and Safe to All."
M2MTech's ELSA solution, which can be applied to all industries such as elevators, escalators, smart logistics, and parking towers, communicates and secures each node through an intelligent IoT gateway that connects the local field and the cloud center. We provide a high-quality and secure IoT service environment that applies the latest international IoT standards and web security standards. In addition, because of the flexible server operation and billing as much as the use of the cloud system, you can use the Elsa solution by building a server at a low price at a large site as well as at a small site.

Smart remote care predictive maintenance system

The ELSA solution collects and analyzes data from elevator key safety components and sensors in real time to provide users with intelligent services that can prevent accidents and predict failures. It provides a safe IoT service environment by applying the latest international security standards such as IoT-based smart remote care system, IoT device, server, inter-node communication, and web security.

  • Recording and Management

    Automatically record, view, filter, and retrieve easy devices, on-site additional deletion, device trip logs, breakdowns and errors.

  • Fast and accurate fault detection and response

    In the event of a breakdown or an emergency, we notify the central situation room, each center, and engineer to PC and mobile devices immediately. Immediate response is possible even on the move.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    After collecting video, vibration, and sound information, predict the emergency situation through deep learning and recommend a manual or necessary/usable parts in case of an emergency.

  • monitoring

    Predictive management of equipment aging such as sites and elevators. It informs you that it is possible to manage parts without checking the inventory status at any time.

  • Remote control/diagnosis

    The device can be remotely controlled to schedule test runs and daily system checks. In the event of a failure, it can be operated and resolved in the situation room without having to be dispatched.

  • Provide statistics and reports

    It provides statistics on the operation and work results of the device in tables and graphs, and automatically generates reports and enables you to use them freely.

  • Save money at a reasonable cost

    Depending on the size of the site, you can enjoy high cost savings by selecting and using the service.

  • Engineer management

    The available personnel of the engineer are managed, the location and situation are reported in real time, and reporting is automated after the task or situation is handled, enabling efficient and fast work.

Certification of innovation and originality in technology

It complies with international standards such as IoT-based smart remote care system, IoT device, server, inter-node communication, and web security, applies the latest international security standards, and provides safe and fast Internet of Things service environment only through original technology development.

  • The first to CoAP Interoperability TTA Verified (Certification No. TTA-V-N-17-020) Certified in Korea.

  • Obtained a patent for autonomous guidance system and method/implementation on the basis of elevator IoT in 2019.

  • World-class web security evaluation(Mozilla Observatory) Grade A+ (Top 0.19%).

  • Applied CoAP IoT Stack with 4.5x transmission throughput performance per second.

ELSA Service

  • ELSA IoT GatewayTM

    IT and OT Data

    Data collection equipmentELSA IoT GatewayTMis a manufacturer/vendor independent intelligent IoT device that connects core devices, sensors, and mobile devices of various facilities in the field to the cloud center.

    1. Connectivity– Easy connection to data sources by IoT Stack
    2. Security / stability– Data encryption– Security experts
    3. Scalability– Bridge / Ext. for Legacy connection function– Based on open platform– Compliance with international IoT standards
  • ELSA.EdgeTM

    Secure edge-to-cloud processing

    Fast and reasonable big data analysis processing, cloud serviceELSA.EdgeTMis a technology that receives and analyzes big data under strong security without forgery and falsification using edge computing. It is an integrated and open IoT platform designed to transmit data at high speed so that you can use the service on any mobile device anytime, anywhere.

    1. IoT/AI framework– Data collection, analysis and AI learning– Protocol adapter, data bus, modern web/app service container-based framework– Node authentication, authority management, SW distribution function
    2. flexibility– Billing according to usage– Server expansion in a short time
    3. convenience– Anytime, anywhere access via the Internet– Secure Browse-based data access– Private Operations Center by PaaS Platform
  • ELSA.Cloud SaaSTM

    Industrial App

    Equipment Health Check and Workflow Monitoring, Statistical Reporting + ERP PlatformELSA.Cloud SaaSTMis a responsive web/app service that can be accessed from any device with wired/wireless internet access, providing real-time status check and remote response workflow monitoring, manpower management, statistical reporting, and UX/UI at a glance.

    With the flexible server operation and charging structure, you can use the service at the best price at both small and large sites.

Applicable Field

As a solution that can be used in most industries, it serves as a channel for communication between machines and people, and provide the business efficiency and cost savings that are essential to business operations.

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User-optimized ELSA.Cloud Platform

It provides clear statistical analysis and error call reception management screens on various devices such as desktop and pad mobile. Easily add/manage sites and elevators, and customize various settings to provide engineers with a more comfortable working environment and reduce costs and time for companies.

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