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Eescalator&Moving Walk

Escalators and moving walks are developed forms of elevators that connect disconnected spaces and help fast movement. In large commercial buildings, airports, ports, etc., there are many moving populations, and in spaces where maximum efficiency and profits can be achieved when minimizing travel and travel time. Mainly used. In such a large space, escalator breakdowns and frequent accidents not only negatively perceive the user experience of the space, but also maximizes the influx of inflowers, which can hinder sales and profits. The ELSA Platform enables real-time monitoring and control of these large devices, instant notification of parts failures, as well as a central control room as well as engineers' mobile devices to remotely diagnose and process device errors and promptly dispatch and solve problems.

Sera S.E., a research and development company for elevator and escalator control systems Through 40 years of experience and collaboration applying M2MTech's new technology, we are increasing the number of sites where ELSA's maintenance system is applied. The ELSA Platform used at sites such as Lotte Department Store in Busan, Setum City Store, Konkuk University Lotte Star City Store, and Bundang Lotte Department Store has been proven to provide various functions, reduce maintenance costs, and increase work efficiency.

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