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Specialized in Artificial Intelligence-Internet of Things (AIoT),
M2MTech Co., Ltd

M2MTech Co., Ltd. is a smart convergence company that provides more than expected value to customers through smart M2M / IoT technology and services. The latest technology trend is that the world is moving towards a hyper-connected society. A network-based hyper-connected society enables communication between all objects, enabling a smart society that can access information without spatial and temporal restrictions. Through the research and development of products/services that enable people-to-people, people-to-objects, and things-to-objects, M2MTech strives to make our society more secure, convenient, and more happy. I want to be a company.

We take the heart of developing a core product/service that meets global standards and a culture of people-oriented corporate culture that is respected and trusted by customers through constant challenges and new technological innovations.CEO Jin-Kee Kim

There’s no boundary.

M2MTech creates products and services with greater added value by converging technologies in various fields. We are carrying out projects in many fields such as artificial intelligence, IoT, data analysis processing, and the cloud.

  • Artificial intelligence IoT

  • Edge computing

  • Cloud

  • divice health check, monitoring

  • platform

  • data processing

  • ERP service

Who we work with

M2MTech has established the standards of industrial sectors such as the Information and Communication Technology Association and is conducting technical approvals by organizing with the international standardization organization of national public institutions. National technologies such as TTF standard establishment (in progress), national standards, Korea Elevator Industry Cooperative collective standard establishment (completed), IYU-T SG 20 proposal, ISO TC 178 participation (in progress) through continuous cooperation with government departments and international organizations I will participate in the improvement.

  • Ministry of Public Administration and Security

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Ministry of Science and ICT

  • National Institute of Technology and Standards

  • ETRI Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

  • TTA Telecommunications Technology Association

  • IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

  • ITU-T International Telecommunications Union

  • Korea Federation of Elevator/Lift Industry Co-operatives

  • ISO 178, ISO 9001

  • W3C

  • Open Connectivity Foundation

  • Korean Association for the Advancement of Elevator/Lift

  • Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business

Things we believe in.

  • Business based on humanity.

    M2MTech puts people first.
    We will create a corporate culture that puts people first in the center of communication and collaboration.

  • Corporate transparency and social responsibility

    ‘財上平如水 人中直似衡’
    ‘A fortune is equal to water, and a man is equal to a scale.’ We will become a sustainable company by making efforts to secure corporate transparency and promote public interest.

  • Creating new value

    We create new value.
    We will grow into a group of experts focused on creating new values rather than competition, and oriented towards a happy working community.

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