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Smart Mobility Infrastructure Service PlatformServing Robot, Unmanned Delivery, Logistics Transfer in Factory/Warehouse

From dish delivery in restaurants to unmanned delivery to logistical transport, robots can help people handle small tasks or move heavy goods instead of humans, improving people's quality of life and creating high-quality service experiences.

Stable and secure interworking between robots and mobile facilities in buildings, such as elevators and escalators, is essential to providing a higher level of robot service. With the recent successful interlocking of M2MTech's integrated control system and logistics/serving/delivery robots, M2MTech is participating in many projects that are effective for human life in the robot industry.

Smart delivery and logistics robots that address the development of new digital technologies, increased volume of goods, and labor shortages.

In the unmanned delivery service, interlocking with smart mobility devices, such as smart home control systems, elevator control, and courier service system of apartment complexes, is indispensable. Among robots, which are core devices in the digital transformation era, logistics robots are emerging as a promising field with high potential in resolving economic and social issues such as the aging population and productivity improvement.

Two-way communication with elevators to ensure safe and fast movement of robots in buildings

M2MTech has developed a system that can move robots between floors, which can contribute to a well-established market for robot delivery services, which are expected to benefit consumers, such as preventing the spread of infectious diseases and crime through non-face-to-face delivery. Two-way communication with the elevator is essential to ensure the safety of the robot's vertical movement, but unilateral elevator control makes it difficult to check the safety status of the elevator. At this time, there are many global elevator manufacturers, and there are many models and models within one manufacturer, making it difficult to expand services.

M2MTech has achieved international standard technology proposals and approvals to standardize new elevators and solve interlocking problems with existing elevators, safely link with various elevator models from various manufacturers with smart mobility infrastructure services, and ensure that robots and elevators are connected. By enabling smooth communication, we plan to contribute to a turning point in the expansion of the vertical mobile robot delivery service market. Recently, we are demonstrating a delivery service in the last mile section jointly with global autonomous robot companies at home and abroad.

  • Residential environment integrated control

  • High level of security

  • Interworking with various models from various manufacturers

  • Patented technologies

    ‘승강기와 외부데이터 연동하는 방법 및 장치’, ‘네트워크 연동 승강기 관리 환경에서 보안 방법 및 장치’ 2건

  • ELSA IoT GatewayTM

    System interoperability is ensured through interlocking collection of elevator status and direct linkage with elevators of various manufacturers.

  • ELSA.Edge

    It is possible to connect the robot and the elevator independently at the site level and to connect to the cloud and Robot CMS.

  • ELSA IoT Gateway LiteTM

    Control/manage the access of delivery robots in conjunction with automatic doors & speed gates.

  • ELSA Cloud

    It supports inter-platform interworking services for cloud-based robot-elevator delivery services.

Interworking field between Elsa integrated relationship system and robot business

  • Self-driving logistics robot

    As the main purpose of logistics robots, AGVs (unmanned transport routes), unmanned forklifts, mobile manipulators (robot arms), and conveyor systems are used in conjunction with WMS (warehouse management system). Recently, e-commerce companies, which are experiencing a rapid increase in processed goods, are using logistics robots for the purpose of automating their logistics centers.

  • Smart elevator + Robot

    The introduction of interlocking between robots and smart elevators is increasing to transport documents and goods indoors, such as commercial buildings, offices, and hospitals. As an indoor autonomous lifting robot centered on transporting small and medium-sized goods linked with an elevator, it is currently being applied in various industries such as distribution and logistics, manufacturing, hotel, medical care, and construction.

  • Expanded to unmanned courier vertical delivery service

    High growth potential is expected against the backdrop of securing the efficiency of the final delivery section of the parcel delivery industry and excellent applicability to various industries such as agriculture. The horizontal and vertical delivery service through interlocking between robots and elevators is expected to flourish as the Ministry of Public Administration and Security notice was enacted on March 2nd for the 'Elevator Safety Management Act' from the existing special cases. Convenience for consumers, such as prevention of spread and crime, is expected.

With the development of ICT convergence technology and smart home service, the non-face-to-face unmanned delivery service market in the “last mile section”, which accounts for more than 50% of the total logistics cost, has unlimited growth potential.

In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic revitalizes the e-commerce market, with more than 60 parcels being used per person per year and 177 shipments per day per delivery driver. Accordingly, logistics (distribution) companies are promoting the development of smart mobile devices (delivery robots, etc.) to reduce delivery time and develop safe non-face-to-face delivery services. M2MTech Co., Ltd. activates a convergence ecosystem between different industries, such as smart home, logistics (distribution) service, and commercial robots, to improve the quality of life of the people who participate in final services or are consumers.

  • Resolve logistics issues in the expensive last-mile section with improved working conditions for platform workers participating in the last mile section and safe non-face-to-face delivery service.

  • Various convergence new industry ecosystems can be expanded by linking smart home services within the apartment complex and external living services (purchase/shared delivery, etc.).

  • We secure service reliability and prevent safety accidents in advance by establishing safety standards and certification systems.

  • Our work successfully innovates regulations between various government departments (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.) and promotes and utilizes government collaboration activities.

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