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Building Energy Management System(BEMS)

It is an integrated management system that installs sensors and measurement equipment in facilities (lighting, heating, ventilation, and socket-outlets) and links them to telecommunication networks to monitor detailed usage by energy source and usage in real time, analyzes collected energy usage information through S/W, and optimizes operation, reduces costs, and saves energy through automatic control of facilities.

The government has promoted the rationalization of energy use under the leadership of the government since '17.1.1', which was centered on simple monitoring of various equipment and automatic or manual control, and manual control. In the new era of dry season due to the enlargement of commercial buildings and reconstruction of old buildings, ELSA Platform provides various functions necessary for energy management and efficient monitoring, and effectively reduces maintenance costs (average 71%) required to operate buildings that are long-term assets that are used for more than 30 years after design and construction.

BEMS functionalities of Elsa platform

  • Energy Diagnostic Management

    Energy waste diagnosis
    Equipment operation status diagnosis
    Facility performance improvement plan
    Improve energy waste
    Decision support

  • Energy monitoring

    Energy monitoring
    Facility monitoring
    Environmental monitoring

  • Statistical analysis

    Energy trend analysis
    Facility performance analysis
    Energy comparison analysis
    Energy statistical analysis

  • Forecast/Optimization Management

    Energy use prediction
    Energy use optimization

  • Smart operation

    Sustainability Report
    Operation improvement plan

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