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International standard

ITU-T SG20 Y.4420

The elevator control framework jointly developed by M2MTech and ETRI was officially approved as an international standard in July 2021 as an 'IoT-based monitoring and management framework for elevators' at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) SG20 international conference. Following the contribution of Elsa solution to the ITU-T SG20 Y-series as a high-tech elevator remote control monitoring system in 2020, M2MTech and ETRI have been working on the 'IoT gateway protocol and data for smart elevators for 3 years from 2018 by the Ministry of Science and ICT. It is a domestic and international standard developed during the 'model standard development' project.

ITU-T SG20 Y.4420

This standard is intended to ensure interoperability between elevator control panels and IoT gateways in the elevator industry. The purpose of elevator remote management, monitoring, and inspection by use common data for elevator safety and digital transformation of non-face-to-face maintenance work in a closed ecosystem with each manufacturer's own data model and protocol. It is to lay the foundation for creating new services through system interoperability in the elevator industry ecosystem and to provide people with elevator safety and convenience services.

Content of the standard

"Framework of Internet of things based monitoring and management for lifts"
This standard is an elevator industry standard for providing life safety and convenience services for elevators among system assets of apartment complexes or buildings. This is to promote stable and safe interoperability and control with interoperability in a reality where it is difficult to interlock between facility asset systems in a building and integrate heterogeneous types because the communication protocol is different for each elevator manufacturer/model. We defined the elevator structure and functional requirements between the elevator control panel and the IoT gateway, as well as a common serial communication protocol and data model. To this end, we have developed and applied standards by operating a professional standards committee with over 30 organizations including large corporations (Hyundai, Otis, TKE), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Elevator Society, and Korea Elevator Safety Corporation to increase the reliability of standard adaptability.

  • - Elevator manufacturer independent IoT gateway product development/standard demonstration :Installed/operated at Hyundai, Otis, TKE, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) elevators installed in apartment houses, department stores, and production plants.
  • - public sectorApplied to LH elevator integrated platform design standard specification (Elevator University Research Service Result Report in 2021)Opinion gathering through LH working-level meeting and governance meeting of institutional heads of domestic elevator industry.Applied as standard for LH elevator integrated management platformKorea Railroad Corporation enforcement service in progress
  • - smart home fieldVarious convergence new industrial ecosystems can be expanded by linking smart home services within the apartment complex and external living services.
  • - Robot delivery service fieldLaying the foundation for future-leading services such as elevator robot delivery service
  • - safety standard systemUsed as a standard in the elevator industry Establishment of a predictive maintenance system in which management entities such as local governments and building owners meet elevator safety standards.
  • - Resident benefitZero out elevator accidents and establishment of a safety culture by providing smart elevator service predictive maintenance technology
  • - Elevator maintenance fieldImproving the repair quality of the IoT-based elevator maintenance business in the time of digital transformation
  • - Law/InstitutionApplied to the Elevator Safety Management Act/System, it is defined as Article 13-2 (Remote Management Function of Elevator) in the 「Regulations on Safe Operation and Management of Elevators」
  • - Contribute to vitalization of the elevator industry by establishing TTA standards, national standards, and international standards.TTA standards : IoT gateway for remote elevator monitoring (※ TTAK.KO-10.1267-Part 1, 2, 3). national standard : The Industrial Machinery Technology Council is in progress to establish a national standard for IoT gateway for remote monitoring of elevators. National standard enacted in the first half of 2022. international standard : ITU-T SG20 Y.4420 (2021.07) “Framework of Internet of things based monitoring and management for lifts”
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