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ELSA AI IoT x ELSA.CloudConnect and extend AI devices and digital industry applications for optimal efficiency and results.

Through the intelligent IoT GatewayTMconnecting the local site to the cloud center through ELSA solution of M2MTech Co., Ltd., the company provides high-quality, safe IoT service environment by applying the latest international IoT standards such as communication and security between nodes and web security standards. Flexible server operation and use in large and small sites can be charged as much as possible, enabling efficient cost reduction.


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    Maintenance cost in lifecycle of a building is
    71% of the total expenditure.

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    global urban operating costs due to smart city technology
    are expected to decrease by $5 trillion a year, by 2022.

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    A city in the US reduced Annual city and building
    maintenance costs with Smart City Tech by 30%.

| 'Smart Cities and Cost Savings' Report from ABI Research, US

The way people use buildings is constantly changing, but once buildings and cities are built with well-designed long-term assets, they are not easy to change. Innovative technologies through IoT driven by cognitive computing can dramatically reduce long-term operating costs and enhance user experience.
  • cost reduction

    energy savingFailure Remote ResponseDeterioration forecast/life managementmanpower efficiencyPrevention of Large AccidentsReasonable charging system

  • Speed and accuracy

    SecurityReal-time noise/vibration monitoringAlert on mobile devicesEmergency Situation PredictionFinancial managementEquipment, Maintain Building Maintenance

  • Efficiency and safety

    Customized OperationAutomated logging, statistics, and reportingImage Recoding & Replaypc mobile device accessSecured Data ProcessingSpace efficiency

Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart City

Elsa Solution serves as a conduit for communication between machines and people across most industries. We applied the latest remote monitoring technologies such as artificial intelligence AI, cloud, web/app PC/mobile platforms, and integrated the Comprehensive Business Automation System (ERP) to enable high-speed high-capacity data processing, aging, and status error checking in real time, and to efficiently generate profits and manage human resources.

  • Escalator
  • Elevator/Lift
  • Parking Tower
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Smart Vending Machine
  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Home
  • Smart City


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