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TTA launches CoAP-based IoT product authentication service.

Elsa Gateway News

M2MTech ELSA IoT GatewayTM was the first to certificated. Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (President Jae-Moon Park, TTA) launched'CoAP Interworking TTA Verified' test and certification service for one of the Internet of Things application protocols, CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), and M2MTech's ELSA (Elevator Smart Advisor) ) Completed the test for the IoT GatewayTM and awarded the first certificate.

CoAP is a lightweight application protocol that can be used in low-performance, compact devices established by the International Internet Standardization Organization (IETF).

Based on the CoAP test standards, TTA has established the'CoAP Interoperable TTA Verified Certification Criteria', and through this, has established a certification system that can verify the interoperability of IoT products applied with CoAP.

M2MTech's ELSA IoT GatewayTM is the first in the domestic elevator industry to apply international standards and has been developed with its own technology after receiving TTA standard advice from the development stage, and is undergoing final beta testing for product launch.

TTA provides a one-stop service for standard and medium-sized companies for IoT standard technology ranging from standard consulting, test certification, and public relations cooperation. Through this CoAP TTA Verified certification, domestic IoT companies develop IoT products based on international standards. And global market entry.

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Reporter Kang Seok-oh
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