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M2MTech Gets 'TI-2' for Technology Credit Rating

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M2M Tech (CEO Kim Jin-ki), an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company, announced on July 1 that it has obtained a TI-2 rating for investment in the technology credit rating of Nice Evaluation Information.
M2M Tech requested technology evaluation to Nice Evaluation Information for accurate evaluation of AIoT-based elevator platform technology. During the evaluation from the lowest grade, TI-10 to TI-1, TI-2 grades were obtained to prove their technical skills within the top 10%.

In the comprehensive opinion on technology evaluation of Nice Evaluation Information, it highly evaluated that it is trying to expand its business by applying it to escalators, mechanical parking lots, and smart buildings and cities as well as elevators based on 'IoT-based elevator platform development' technology.

In particular, he said, "If the Asia-Pacific industrial IoT market is expected to grow 31.07% annually from about $35.46 billion in 2019 to about $137.17 billion in 2024, Korea's IoT ratio (10.1%) in the Asia-Pacific region is considered to have excellent technology and growth potential.

"We will increase the value of companies through digital transformation using Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and cloud-based system platforms to provide safety and convenience services for future smart lifts," said Kim Jin-ki, CEO of M2M Tech.
He added, "Recently, we are discussing with related agencies a multi-faceted cooperative business model for the development of ecosystems in intelligent logistics through the development of systems for interoperability between heterogeneous industries such as vertical delivery robots in the last mile section."

Reporter Seo Hee-won, Electronic News
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