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M2MTech develops AI-based elevator risk prevention technology system

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M2MTech (Jinki Kim) threatens the intelligence (AI) developing technology systems that compete with the advanced technology (AIoT) intelligence.
The technology developed this time is the result of a research project that M2MTech and the Korea Elevator Safety Authority have carried out for three years with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's 'Development of an Automatic Elevator Dangerous Situational Determination Technique Using Smart Technology' for three years.
M2MTech's AI technology boasts superior performance compared to existing technologies that use only information from a single sensor because it collects and utilizes CCTV image information, sensor information such as elevator vibration and noise, and elevator operation conditions.

In addition, if a user falls into a dangerous situation, the AI ​​predicts and judges the real-time situation, and it is equipped with a remote network that automatically sounds and delivers an alarm to automatically rescue.
This system can effectively prevent emergencies such as assault, breakdown, trapped, and fainting that can occur in elevators that are used several times a day by applying artificial intelligence.
The company said that it plans to advance the technology, demonstrate, and commercialize it in cooperation with the Korea Elevator Safety Authority to apply the developed technology to the field and provide services.

Jinki Kim, CEO of M2MTech, said, "M2MTech's elevator safety system made using the 4th industrial revolution technology will effectively reduce various crimes and safety accidents that can occur in elevators. I'm happy," he said.

Reporter Seo Hee-won, Electronic Newspaper Internet
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Choi Eun-hwa, a researcher at MaeKyung-biz
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Seoul Economics News
Reporter Kim Dong-ho, Digital Media Center
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