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Robot delivery + elevator business, Expansion to vertical delivery service

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M2MTech is accelerating the expansion of delivery services for robots with 'ELSA' technology.

'M2MTech' (CEO Jinki Kim), a company specializing in smart elevator platforms based on AIoT technology, demonstrated delivery service in the last mile section jointly with global autonomous robot specialists at home and abroad on the 24th and started the full-scale business. announced that it would promote.

Serving robot service has recently been expanding in the field of daily logistics service for citizens, but concerns are also growing that it may become an obstacle to the expansion of service commercialization due to technical limitations that are limited to the horizontal service area.

In particular, two-way communication with the elevator is essential to ensure safety, and it is difficult to check the safety status of the elevator in unilateral elevator control.

In addition, there are a large number of global elevator manufacturers in the market, and there are many models within one manufacturer, making it difficult to expand services.

However, M2MTech is expected to become a turning point in expanding the robot delivery service market by developing a system that allows robots to move between floors.

M2MTech has successfully proposed/approved international standard technology for safe interlocking of elevators of various manufacturers' models and models and solved the problem of interlocking with existing elevators as well as standardizing new elevators.

Reporter Dong-ho Kim, Seoul Economic Daily
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