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‘Elevator Monitoring IoT Gateway’ Selected as Excellent Standard.

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M2MTech announced on the 13th that 'Internet of Things Gateway for Elevator Remote Monitoring' was selected as an excellent standard at the 100th Information and Communication Standards Assembly of the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA).

According to the company, “Internet of Things Gateway for Remote Monitoring of Elevators” has been selected as an excellent standard, so the elevator maintenance efficiency is greatly improved and the failure rate through predictive maintenance is also reduced.

The purpose of elevator remote management, monitoring, and inspection by use common data for elevator safety and digital transformation of non-face-to-face maintenance work in a closed ecosystem with each manufacturer’s own data model and protocol.

It consists of three parts that define the elevator structure and functional requirements, and the common serial communication protocol and data model of elevator manufacturers.

This standard was developed and verified by M2MTech and the Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute for over three years from 2018, and the participation of the Korea Elevator Safety Agency and the Korea Elevator Society provided an opportunity to lead to the enactment of the national standard.

Kim Jin-ki, CEO of M2MTech, said, “This standard will serve as an opportunity to help elevator safety and public convenience in the elevator industry in the recent digital transition where convergence between industries is accelerating. It is expected to contribute to operability.”

Reporter Park Seong-joon, Energy Economy Newspaper
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