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First certified in Korea as'CoAP interoperable TTA Verified'

Elsa Gateway News

Certified by international standards

M2MTECH's ELSA Intelligent IoT GatewayTM was certified as 'CoAP Interworking TTA Verified' on August 11, one of the Internet of Things application protocols. The CoAP (Continued Application Protocol) is a lightweight application protocol that can be used for low-performance small devices established by the International Internet Standardization Organization (IETF) and is used for various IoT services, but there was no international test certification system. TTA established 'CoAP Interlinked TTA Verified Certification Criteria' based on CoAP testing standards and prepared a certification system to verify interoperability of IoT products applied with CoAP. ELSA Intelligent IoT GatewayTM was designed/developed with its own technology after consulting with an international information and communication standard expert of ETRI with the help of TTA from the development stage.

Why Standard Protocols Are Required?

The ELSA Intelligent IoT GatewayTM connects key devices and devices at various sites together. ELSA adhered to international standards to ensure openness to new devices and interoperability with existing products.This will not only increase the convenience of consumers using ELSA, but also reduce the cost of having to adapt the protocol.

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